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Belly Band Plus+

Belly Band Plus+

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"Have you ever experienced THESE while wearing belly wrap / abdominal support belt?
❌ Uncomfortable material
❌ Slip off easily while resuming daily activities
❌ Not elastic and flexible
❌ Velcro loose easily after few wears
❌ Insufficient lower abdominal support

Introducing Shapee new belly band series: Belly Band Plus+ , it helps you to:
✅ Improves body and breastfeeding posture
✅ Instant slimming effect for a curvy and slim look
✅ Support, enhance and tone body after childbirth
✅ Recuperate: Supports core abdominal muscles and helps uterus return to original size sooner

How Belly Band Plus+ can help you with the above statement?
- Built-in boning made of sturdy silicone. It will improve the way you sit and relax your body.
- 4 separate straps are adjustable especially on the abdominal area that need more or less pressure.
- Additional straps on waist area provides extra compression when needed
- Each straps are made of high quality and durable Velcro.
- Made of breathable material & latex-free for a long hour wearing, up to 8 hours a day

❓ How long is Belly Band Plus? It depends on the body type/length. The estimated length is around 27cm. It will be high enough to cover the waistline.
❓ When to start wearing Belly Band Plus? If cesarean, wait until the stitches healed. If normal child birth, you may wear it when you feel comfortable. If you feel uncomfortable during the using process, recommend to adjust the tighten or reduce the using time or, you may consult with your medical advisor.

Colour: Pink, Beige, White (online exclusive)
M – 32 inch – 37 inch
L – 37 inch – 43 inch
XL – 43 inch – 49 inch
Made of: Polyester, Elastane, Cotton

Washing care:
- hand wash with cold water
- Do not use chlorine bleach
- Do not tumble dry
- Lay flat to dry"

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