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Overnite Sanitary Pants (3 pcs)

Overnite Sanitary Pants (3 pcs)

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"Stay comfy & Sleep Better with Overnite Sanitary Panties.

Stretching, jumping, twisting or grooving freely
- No more side or back leakage.
- Feel more secure every hour, every minute.
- Ideal for working ladies, sleeping, exercising, postpartum mommies and teenager on period.

Do you experience any of these common problems each month?
❗ Layering bed with a towel every night - to avoid leakage, leaving stubborn bloodstain on the bed.
❗ Walk or sit uncomfortably - Pad easily shifting & need to adjust.
❗ Pad rashes - Due to friction while moving combined with extra moisture, wetness & heat causing extreme itchiness.
❗ Feel uncomfortable - Feel wet (damp) or moist due to heavy flow & the pad cannot absorb more flow. This leads to bacteria build-up causing a foul smell.
❗ Layering 2 pads at a time - avoid leakage on your cloth.

Designed with Dri-comfy technology & 360 fit design.
✅ Dri-Comfy Technology: Using multi-layering & lining with extra-long retention made of Japan Sumitomo SAP. Japan Sumitomo SAP has an excellent capacity to absorb liquid & water retention. The top layer is made of cotton, which is gentle on the skin.
✅ 360 comfort fit design:
- Long absorbent core (400mm long & 10mm wide)
- 3D seamless design and elastic waist to fully fit your body shape.
- Fully enclosed side (Non-wing).
Side enclosure is gentle on the skin & stay on the crotch to prevent side leakage.
✅ Panty-like fit: Wear as a regular panty.
Combine panty and sanitary pad in one.
✅ Heavy flow.
Able to absorb heavy flow period (first few days) & lochia (1st-2nd week after child-birth).
✅ Easy to tear off on each side & dispose.

Information: - Free size (Waist up to 40 inches)
- Material :
1. Top layer: Soft cotton layer
2. Middle: Japan Sumitomo SAP
3. Breathable & waterproof cloth-like back sheet"

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