FEMY Premium Kegel 锻炼阴道负重

使用 FEMY Premium Kegel 锻炼阴道重量,每天只需 15 分钟,您就会感受到不同。凯格尔运动可帮助您建立更强壮和更紧实的阴道肌肉,以改善膀胱控制、更轻松的分娩、更快的分娩恢复以及治疗虚弱的骨盆底肌肉。


How To Use

Simply insert the vaginal weight and go about your day while your pelvic wall muscles get a workout in just 15 minutes. As you get stronger, you can incrementally intensify your workout results with darker colored heavier weights.

FEMY Premium Kegel Exercise Vaginal Weights


Where/How do i start using my Kegel weights?

Quick Tip: Empty your bladder and bowel BEFORE each session.

Find your starter weight: Insert the white colored weight and see if you can hold it in for 2 minutes while standing (no hands). If you can manage it, move up to the next darker shade. Repeat until you have found a challenging yet comfortable weight.

What should i do if I can't keep the weights in?

Every woman starts from a different level of kegel/pelvic floor strength. It is common for some women to struggle with the first weight. If you can't keep the weights in, you may need to gain some base level of strength by performing Kegel Exercises for beginners.

Can i use a lubricant with Kegel weights?

Yes, many of our customers use a lubricant to help with the insertion and to add additional challenge when using the weights. Just make sure to use a water based silicone as silicone-based ones can damage the weights.

How often and how long should i use my weights?

Use a challenging weight for 1-15 mins every day.  Depending on the day, you might be able to hold a weight longer or shorter periods of time, and that’s ok.  Your muscles can be tired, or you might be a little dry which can make holding the weights easier. Do what works for you on each day, targeting around 15 minutes.

Many women find it convenient to do use the weights during their morning or evening routines and/or while showering. We recommend standing and moving with the weights to encourage your muscles to engage while doing daily activities.

How do i know when to move up the weight level?

As your pelvic floor muscles get stronger, you can move up to the next darker weight for an additional challenge. It could take a week or two to progress to each color weight. Every woman is different, so do what works for you. Challenge yourself without overdoing it.

What can i use to wash the weights?

Use a mild soap  and warm water to wash the weights before and after each use

Should i be doing kegel exercises with the weights in?

When the weights are inserted your body, the body will naturally compensate to hold them, assuming you are properly lubricated. Your pelvic muscles will be activated just by having the weights inserted. However, the maximum benefit comes when the weights begin to slip and you will feel the need to tense your muscles to hold the weights in. So in a way, it is a combination of some unconscious and conscious (active) squeezing.

We also have some advanced Kegel exercise techniques that you can use with the weights, as you start working your way up and need an additional challenge.

How long will it take for me to see the results?

Some women begin to feel results as quickly as 1-2 weeks, but most women will take 3-4 weeks of consistent use to see improvement. Just like any exercise program for other muscles in your body, you will not see results overnight. It takes consistent effort and following the instructions and I'm sure you'll feel much better!

Complimentary 7-day PhysioYoga Course

Unlock the full potential of your pelvic floor exercises with FEMY Kegel Weights and our complimentary 7-day physioyoga video course. Our expert-guided video courses, conducted by an experienced pre & postnatal yoga instructor from the USA with 13 years of experience, and a women's health physiotherapist, will help you strengthen your muscles while reducing stress and tension at the same time.

  • 膀胱和肠道控制


  • 盆腔器官脱垂

    阴道内的隆起或沉重感令人难以忍受。使用骨盆底 PT 获得缓解。

  • 痛苦的性爱

    PT 可以让您的骨盆底保持平衡——让性生活充满乐趣。

  • 怀孕和分娩准备


  • 身体疼痛、疼痛和受伤

    从背痛到运动损伤,我们提供全身 PT,包括术后康复。

  • 腹肌分离(腹直肌分离)

    怀孕或剧烈举重会对您的腹肌造成严重破坏。 PT 将帮助您重建它们。

  • 更年期和围绝经期

    拒绝“只处理”盆底问题——PT 可以改善和预防症状。

  • 阴道成形术准备和准备恢复

    在性别确认手术前后与受过专门训练的 PT 一起工作。

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